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Shaken, but not stirred

Physicists create quantum system, which is robust to mixing by periodic forces

Quantum Nanotechnology: Lighting up ultrathin films

A new method to characterize the valley index of transition metal dichalcogenides

Observing the creation of quasiparticles in real-time

Quasiparticles in time-lapse

MQC at the frontier of the second Quantum revolution

Ignacio Cirac as spokesman of the MQC co-authored the Quantum Manifesto at Delft: This european initiative provides a common strategy for Europe to stay at the top of Quantum Science and modern Quantum Technologies. The...

MPQ Colloquia with live streams

The Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics offers the possibility to access its weekly Tuesday seminars also by live stream. The MPQ seminars are held weekly on Tuesdays at 2:30pm at the Herbert Walther lecture hall. The list...

Block course: "Geometry and bound states of magnetic Schrödinger operators"

Nicolas Raymond (IRMAR, University of Rennes 1) will be giving a block course (2 ECTS) at the Math department of the LMU as a part of the Master programme "Theoretical and Mathematical Physics" on "Geometry and...

New members at the Munich Quantum Center

We give a warm welcome to our new members: Norbert Schuch from MPQ, Matthias Punk from LMU, and Michael Knap and Robert König from TUM!

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