10 February 2020
from 10:15

Quantum nonlinear optics using 2D atomic arrays

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Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics

Hans-Kopfermann-Straße 1


Garching Forschungszentrum


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The Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics organizes regular science colloquia featuring local and guest speakers. The series takes place from October until January and from April to Junly at the MQP in Garching.

Quantum nonlinear optics using 2D atomic arrays

Prof. Darrick Chang | ICFO Barcelona, Spain

Talk abstract

Traditional quantum interfaces between atomic ensembles and light have relied upon disordered three-dimensional atomic gases. Recently, however, there have been significant efforts toward exploring whether ordered arrays of atoms can give rise to qualitatively different quantum optical phenomena and functionality, specifically due to strong interference in light emission arising from spatial ordering. Here, we discuss ongoing work to explore this question in two-dimensional arrays.

First, we show how a single 2D layer can realize an efficient quantum memory, with an efficiency versus atom number that scales significantly better than is possible for a conventional ensemble. We also discuss how atomic Rydberg interactions can be used to endow the system with strong optical nonlinearities at the single-photon level. This can be used to realize an efficient photon-photon quantum gate, or to observe interesting phenomenology such as a "quantum aperture", where diffraction patterns emerge not in intensity measurements, but in higher-order quantum correlations.

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