16 May 2023
from 14:30 to 16:00

MCQST Colloquium | Cindy Regal (JILA/University of Colorado Boulder)

MCQST Colloquium

Address / Location

MPI of Quantum Optics | Herbert Walther Lecture Hall

Hans-Kopferman-Straße 1



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The MCQST Colloquium Series features interdisciplinary talks given by visiting international speakers. The monthly colloquium covers topics spanning all MCQST research units and will be broadcast live via Zoom for audiences worldwide. The main goal of the series is to create the framework for idea exchange, to strengthen links with QST leading groups worldwide, as well as to act as an integral part of the local educational environment.

MCQST Colloquium: Cindy Regal

We are excited to invite you to the colloquium talk by Cindy Regal (JILA/University of Colorado Boulder). You can join us in-person at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics at the above address, or online via the Zoom link below:

Meeting ID: 998 9779 8115
Passcode: mcqst2023

Talk Information

Optical readout of a superconducting qubit through a micromechanical membrane

Cindy Regal with laser protection glasses bending over an experiement © JILA
Entangling microwave-frequency superconducting quantum processors through optical light at ambient temperature would enable means of secure communication and distributed quantum information processing. However, transducing quantum signals between these disparate regimes of the electro-magnetic spectrum remains an outstanding goal, and interfacing superconducting qubits with electro-optic transducers presents considerable challenges owing to the deleterious effects of optical photons in superconducting systems. I discuss our recent results on readout of a superconducting transmon qubit through a low backaction electro-optomechanical transducer that harness the large spatial scales of a micromechanical membrane. I will discuss concepts that we employ to isolate membrane phonons on mm-scale devices, and recent results elucidating the effect of thermal gradients on membrane mode temperatures.

About the speaker

Regal is the Baur-SPIE associate professor of physics at the University of Colorado and a fellow of JILA, a joint institute between CU Boulder and the NIST. Her work in experimental quantum science has developed new platforms for the optical manipulation of both atoms and the vibrations of solids. She is a fellow of the American Physical Society.

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