26 October 2022
from 16:00 to 18:00

Introduction to quantum computing using PennyLane and matchmaking for the code camp.

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LMU Department of Mathematics | Room B 133

Theresienstraße 39



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Solving quantum coding challenges with PennyLane

To celebrate the fourth birthday of PennyLane, a cross-platform quantum computing library for Python, Xanadu is organizing the PennyLane Code Camp, a three-week event in which teams will compete to solve coding challenges of varied difficulty. The PennyLane Code Camp will kick off on November 1st, when the first five challenges will be published.

Join the PennyLane Code Camp Munich Meetup

For those wondering how to get into practical quantum computing or where to find team members, an in-person meetup will take place in Munich on 26 October 2022. This session will provide an introduction to quantum computing using the PennyLane software library, covering key concepts and showing how to construct and train simple quantum circuits — or use PennyLane for research.

After the introduction, those interested are invited to stay for snacks, swag, and team matching. Hosting the meetup is Ivana Kurecic, Quantum Computing Educator at Xanadu.

Please RSVP to let us know if you will be joining or contact the Xanadu team via Slack if you have any questions.

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