7 December 2020 - 11 December 2020

The 11th International Conference on Quantum Dots takes place ONLINE on 7 - 11 December, 2020.


Address / Location

MCQST Virtual Space


The International Conference on Quantum Dots will take place online from 7-11 December 2020 and is co-funded by the DFG clusters of excellence MCQST and e-conversion. The conference will bring together leading researchers and groups from industry working on the fundamental physics, materials, synthesis and applications of Quantum Dots in both experiment and theory.

Conference topics include

  • Fundamentals: ab-initio and effective theories, spin and magnetic phenomena, quantum optics, quantum coherence, as well as novel analytical and spectroscopic methods.
  • Materials: epitaxial & chemically synthesized dots, nanoplatelets, atomically thin 2D materials, layered perovskites and hybrid organic / inorganic QD nanosystems.
  • Applications: quantum information technologies, energy harvesting, light-emission, sensors, detectors and biosciences.

Plenary speakers

  • Misha Lukin (Harvard)
  • Eunjoo Jang (Samsung)
  • Jason Petta (Princeton)
  • Moungi Bawendi (MIT)
  • Richard Warburton (U. Basel)

Invited speakers

  • Anna Rodina (Ioffe Institute)
  • Brian Gerardot (Heriot Watt)
  • Charlotte Bottcher (Harvard)
  • Mete Atatüre (U. Cambridge)
  • Dan Gamelin (U. Washington, Seattle)
  • Dan Gammon (NREL, Washington DC)
  • Ed Barnes (Virginia Tech)
  • Iwan Moreels (Ghent University)
  • Jacky Even (Université de Rennes)
  • Jochen Feldmann (LMU, Munich)
  • Mikhail Glazov (Ioffe Institute)
  • Pawel Hawrylak (U. Ottowa)
  • Peter Michler (U. Stuttgart)
  • Peter Reiss (CEA Grenoble)
  • Philippe Guyot-Sionnest (U. Chicago)
  • Richard Schaller (Argonne National Lab)
  • Seigo Tarucha (RIKEN)
  • Uri Banin (Hebrew University)
  • Xiaogang Peng (Zhejiang University)


  • Jonathan Finley | WSI-TU Munich
  • Kai Müller | WSI-TU Munich
  • Alexander Urban | LMU Munich

More details on the conference website

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