4 November 2020
from 10:15 to 11:30

Online talk held by Sebastian Krinner | ETH Zurich, Switzerland


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Towards a Distance-3 Logical Qubit with Superconducting Circuits

Sebastian Krinner | ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Large-scale quantum computing requires the preservation and processing of quantum information with high fidelity. While many near-term quantum computing efforts focus on noisy intermediate-scale quantum devices, it is common belief that future quantum computers will use quantum error correction to achieve quantum fault tolerance and harness the full potential of quantum computing. In my talk I will present progress towards the realization of a distance-3 logical qubit, which is capable of correcting a single quantum error. I will present key ingredients, such as repeated stabilizer measurements, intermediate fast readout, and suppression of spectator-qubit-induced phase errors. I will conclude by providing a perspective on how to realize operations between logical qubits in the future.

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Meeting ID: 932 3867 4195
Passcode: 160792

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