16 October 2023

Ignacio Cirac receives first La Vanguardia Prize - presented by the King of Spain

The first edition of the newly created prize of the over 140-year-old Spanish daily La Vanguardia, was awarded to Ignacio Cirac in the category of innovation.

On 19 September, Ignacio Cirac, MCQST co-speaker and Director of the Theory Department at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, received the first La Vanguardia Prize in the category "Innovation", which the Spanish daily by the same name awarded for the first time on the occasion of its 142nd anniversary in 2023. The prize was ceremoniously presented to him by Spain's King Felipe VI, who graced the event together with his wife, Queen Letizia.

Ignacio Cirac wins the prize in the Innovation category for his groundbreaking and globally recognised work in theoretical quantum optics, in particular with regard to its applicability in accelerating the development of new materials or drugs, optimising industrial processes, accelerating AI systems or developing quantum repeaters that could enable tap-proof communication over long distances.

"It was a special honour for me to receive this prize from La Vanguardia, such a renowned newspaper with over 140 years of history, and to be presented with this award by the King of Spain," comments Ignacio Cirac.

From now on, the prize will be awarded every year. To be honoured are individuals or organisations with social relevance. The winners are selected by a panel of prominent personalities and editors of La Vanguardia. The 2023 ceremony took place at the National Museum of Catalan Art MNAC (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya) in Barcelona.

Source: MPQ Website

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