8 January 2024

Jad C. Halimeh Awarded Emmy Noether Grant

Dr. Jad Halimeh © J. Halimeh
Dr. Jad C. Halimeh is a research group leader at the Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and MCQST member. He was now awarded 1.5 million euros in research funding through the German Research Council (DFG) Emmy Noether program for his project "Quantum simulation of far-from-equilibrium gauge-theory dynamics”. The funding has allowed Dr. Halimeh to establish his own research group, thus opening new avenues for cutting-edge research in theoretical physics.

Halimeh's research is built upon two fundamental pillars. The first pillar has a technological focus, concerned with theoretical proposals for experimentally feasible quantum simulators of gauge theories. The second pillar delves into the phenomenological aspect, concentrating on the exploration and comprehension of far-from-equilibrium dynamics within gauge theories. The goal of the research is to facilitate the investigation of high-energy and many-body physics on tunable tabletop quantum simulators, with the hope that they will allow us to gain deep insights into the nonperturbative far-from-equilibrium dynamics of gauge theories beyond what classical methods can provide.

"I am very passionate about this line of research as it paves the way to investigating outstanding high-energy questions on easily accessible quantum devices, ushering in a venue complementary to dedicated particle colliders.", says the physicist.



Project details on the DFG website: "Quantum simulation of far-from-equilibrium gauge-theory dynamics"

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