21 November 2023

MCQST: Four Years of Fostering Collaborative Excellence

The Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology, a DFG Cluster of Excellence, is dedicated to building a world-leading center in quantum science and technology, with a multidisciplinary profile, addressing important scientific and technological questions.

As we have surpassed the midterm, we are delighted to present this comprehensive overview summarizing our activities and achievements during the initial four years of the cluster's funding cycle. The first four years of MCQST have passed by swiftly. Taking the cluster from its initial conceptualization on paper to a dynamic reality — an undertaking marked by challenges but, more importantly, by immensely gratifying experiences.

Within the pages of the MCQST Midterm Report, you'll gain insights into the vibrant life at MCQST, delve into the research conducted, and acquaint yourself with some of the dedicated scientists part of our community. Browsing through the report you can find big numbers and gain some interesting behind-the-scenes stories. Explore what we have achieved with our support measures, and discover success stories stemming from collaborative projects. Fostering a change of culture towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community is a cornerstone of our mission, and is reflected in every facet of our work. In the report, we offer an overview of some of the measures we employ to achieve our goals.

Scientific and community events play a pivotal role in fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, while our enthusiasm for science communication and outreach takes diverse and engaging formats to engage with our target audiences.

We take pride in the achievements accomplished alongside our members, colleagues, and friends, and we are excited about what is to come within the next years in this very dynamic field of science.

We hope you enjoy reading the MCQST Midterm Report!

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