24 April 2015

It is a pleasure to announce that the next workshop involving members of the Munich Quantum Center will take place on the 24th of April 2015 at the Walter Schottky Institute. The event will be hosted by colleagues from the Walter Schottky Institut ( Jonathan Finley, Reinhard Friedemann and Alexander Holleitner) and will consist of (Please check also attached agenda):

1) Two talks which will focus on overview of current work at WSI and MPQ. Location: at the HS3 physics department 11:00 Talks (with focus on overview of current work). Location: at the HS3 physics department 11:00 Talk 1 – NV center qubits as atomic-scale sensors for magnetic fields - towards NMR spectroscopy of single molecules, by Friedemann Reinhard, WSI

11:30 Talk 2 – A hybrid quantum gate, by Stephan Ritter, MPQ 2) A poster session with coffee and snacks at 12:00. Location: ZNN ground floor. Posters will be cover subjects such as (see attached poster list and book of abstracts)

- Mathematical foundations
- Spin and valley qubits in solids
- Quantum information - Quantum many-body physics - Quantum nano-systems - Quantum optics
- Superconducting devices
- Computational methods 3) Lab Tours at Walter Schottky Institut (<15 people, 20min / tour) from 14:00-14:20 Nano fabrication labs (U. Wurstbauer)
Diamond Lab (F. Reinhard)
Nano photonics and quantum laboratories (J. Finley, A. Bechthold, J. Wierzbowski) ESR laboratories (M. Brandt, M. Stutzmann)
Photonics devices (R. Meyer)
Ca 14:45 End

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