20 July 2023

Matthias C. Caro and Johannes Feldmeier win the MCQST PhD Awards 2022

The MCQST PhD Award honors the best PhD theses in quantum science and technology selected from the MCQST community. The prize highlights and recognizes excellence in research at an early career stage, and aims to encourage awardees to pursue a future career in science. MCQST considers outstanding theses in the field of quantum science and technology (grade: summa cum laude) from the disciplines of physics, mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, material science, and chemistry from both, LMU and TUM.

From the submitted theses, the jury selected and awarded two outstanding works in 2022: "Quantum Learning Theory" by Matthias C. Caro (TU Munich) and "Nonequilibrium Dynamics in Constrained Quantum Many-Body Systems" by Johannes Feldmeier (TU Munich). Alongside the recognition of their excellent scientific work and contribution to the MCQST scientific community, the award consist of €2000 each, generously donated by kiutra and attocube.

The award ceremony took place during the Munich Conference on Quantum Science and Technology 2023 in Sonthofen on Friday, June 23rd. As both recipients are currently pursuing their PostDocs in the USA, they presented their talks virtually during the ceremony.


Matthias C. Caro

Quantum Learning Theory

TU Munich

Machine learning is an impressive example of how theoretical insights can influence our modern world. Quantum computing promises to be a future instance of the same phenomenon by providing a new paradigm of computation using features of quantum physics. During my PhD, I have worked towards combining these two new perspectives on computing in a mathematical theory. In particular, I proved rigorous guarantees on the data requirements of machine learning models based on trainable quantum circuits and I investigated the usefulness of quantum data for learning. Moreover, I explored memoryless quantum evolutions and questions of undecidability in classical learning theory.

"I had the good fortune of getting to pursue my PhD research in the vibrant MCQST environment. Now, I am honored to be recognized with the MCQST PhD Award by exactly the community that has enriched my PhD experience in so many ways."


Johannes Feldmeier

Nonequilibrium Dynamics in Constrained Quantum Many-Body Systems

TU Munich

Advances in quantum simulation technology increasingly allow for the experimental realization of quantum many-body systems with complex constraints. These constrained systems — ranging from topologically ordered spin liquids to lattice gauge theories and novel fracton phases of matter — are particularly exciting for their relevance to condensed matter and their potential applications in quantum information processing. In my thesis, I have investigated their nonequilibrium quantum dynamics, uncovering a variety of novel dynamical phenomena. Highlights include the emergence of new universality classes of hydrodynamic transport and quantum information dynamics, extremely slow glassy relaxation and even absence of thermalization in lattice gauge theories, as well as the utilization of constrained dynamics as a probe for the topological edge states of quantum spin liquids.

"MCQST has contributed to shaping my PhD years through exciting conferences and many memorable scientific encounters. To me, MCQST is a community of scientific role models and long time peers, making the MCQST PhD Award all the more special."

Congratulations to Matthias and Johannes, and all the best for their future!

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