20 March 2024

QlibriNANO selected for prestigious European Innovation Council transition grant

Qlibri's QlibriNANO project receives a up to €2.5 Million grant from European Innovation Council (EIC). Qlibri, a start-up of MCQST groups at LMU München and MPQ, has secured a significant grant from the EIC for its groundbreaking QlibriNANO project, the world's most sensitive absorption microscope.

QlibriNANO enables customers to detect, image, characterize, understand and develop nanoscale matter on a new level by its unique combination of fast and ultrasensitive hyperspectral imaging.

Through its unique combination of fast and ultrasensitive hyperspectral imaging, QlibriNANO provides access to a previously inaccessible range of information relevant to research areas such as nanoparticles, optical coatings and thin films, to name a few. Qlibri’s unique blend of expertise, combining a profound know-how in microresonators and deep understanding of microscopy, particularly raster scanning techniques, has made it possible to make a technology transfer from Quantum optics to optical microscopy to develop QlibriNANO.

About Qlibri

With roots in leading research institutions like the LMU Munich, the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Qlibri set out to help customers harness the incredible power of optical micro-cavities to enhance light-matter interaction for quantum technologies & research and new insights through ultra-sensitive absorption microscopy.

Find out more on the Qlibri website and read the EIC announcement.


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