13 April 2024

Quantum Science Slam: Of Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Drums, and Improvised Synchronized Swimming

At the annual MCQST and IMPRS-QST Xmas party held in December 2023, the stage was illuminated not just with festive lights but also with the fascination of quantum science. Three researchers took center stage to deliver engaging and informative talks, captivating the audience with insights into the intriguing realm of quantum physics.


The event, organized by MCQST, aimed to bring together its community for a night of scientific exchange, camaraderie, and engaging science by showcasing some of the fascinating research being conducted in the community. Attendees were treated to enlightening presentations that covered a range of topics, from qubits to the intricate workings of quantum cooling algorithms, and from discovering how to create music using quantum drums to finding out what improvised synchronized swimming, and quantum communication have in common.

Daniel Molpeceres, a PhD student in the group of Prof. Barbara Kraus at the TUM School of Natural Sciences, delved into the world of quantum cooling algorithms. Lukas Schleicher, pursuing his PhD in the chair of Nano- and Quantum sensors at TUM, captivated the audience with his exploration of nanometer-scale drums. Using extremely thin membranes, Schleicher fabricates the tiny drums whose "sound" provides crucial insights into the properties of the materials used. The research aims to harness the interplay between quantum states, sound, and light for groundbreaking applications. Xavier Coiteux-Roy, an SNSF Postdoc.Mobility fellow conducting research in the Quantum Information Theory group at the TUM School of Computation Information and Technology, humorously exemplified how quantum mechanics work.

The science slam was expertly moderated by Tim Harris, a PhD student at LMU München specializing in the quantum simulation of strongly correlated matter with bosonic statistics. Harris skillfully guided the audience through the diverse and fascinating presentations, ensuring an engaging and informative experience for all. By popular vote, Xavier Coiteux-Roy won the science slam, with all three presenters performing very well. MCQST is grateful to the researchers for their willingness to share their expertise in such a fun and accessible format. The recordings of the event are available on MCQST's YouTube channel, offering an opportunity for those unable to attend to enjoy the talks and get a glimpse into the captivating research done within MCQST.

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