26 March 2015


On 26 February 2015, a new collaboration agreement between ICFO (The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Spain) and the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics was signed which facilitates cooperation on topics of common interests between both institutes.
ICFO- The Institute of Photonic Sciences conducts wide scope research on optical and photonic sciences, with particular interest in quantum optics, quantum information, nano-optics and atto-optics. It was founded 12 years ago by the Government of Catalonia and has already demonstrated its relevance and position in the international scientific community. Prof. Ignacio Cirac, Director at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics and head of its Theory Division, has collaborated with ICFO for many years and sits on the institute’s Scientific Advisory Board. “We have long awaited the opportunity to build a formal bridge between MPQ and ICFO, and thanks to the support from Fundació Privada Cellex, we will be able to address some important fundamental questions in quantum and atto-optics that will be incredibly enriching for the field”, the Spanish physicist points out.

Fundació Privada Cellex is a non-profit private foundation devoted to the advancement of science and education for the benefit of humankind. It supports students, researchers and research institutions, primarily those based in Catalonia, through scholarships and grants. The private foundation that has been established by Dr. Pere Mir i Puig, has a long tradition in promoting research in medicine, physics, mathematics and education. Cellex now agrees to fully finance this new program between ICFO and MPQ for the duration of six years, creating four postdoctoral positions who will jointly work at ICFO and MPQ as “Cellex ICFO-MPQ Research Fellows”. The institutes will have the freedom to define cutting edge research projects between at least one ICFO research group and one MPQ research division. Photo: Signing the agreement, from left to right: Dr. Pere Mir i Puig, Fundació Privada Cellex, Hon. Andreu Mas Colell, Government of Catalonia and Chairman of ICFO’s Board of Trustees, and Prof. Dr. Ignacio Cirac
Photo credit: ICFO|RJosa
By Olivia Meyer-Streng Original source [ here]

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