8 February 2015

As part of our Master program " Theoretical and Mathematical Physics", Prof. Nicolas Rougerie (Uni Grenoble/CNRS) will be giving a 'Block-course' at the Math department of the LMU on 20-30 April 2015. Time, room: This is a ' Block-kurs' consisting of 9 lectures each of two hours. It is an English version of N. Rougerie's 'Cours Péccot' at Collège de France. It takes place in B 134 at the following times:

20 - 24 April 2015 (Mo-Fr) 18--20Uhr & 27 - 30 April 2015 (Mo-Thu) 18-20Uhr. Course title: "De Finetti theorems, mean field limits, and Bose-Einstein condensation".

The course will address the mean-field approximation for the equilibrium states of N-body systems in classical and quantum statistical mechanics. The main goal is a rigorous derivation from first principles of effective models that are usually based on statistical independence assumptions. A general strategy to achieve this will be discussed in details. The main tools are structure theorems "à la de Finetti" which describe the possible large-N limits of the admissible states of statistical mechanics. The main application we have in mind is the Bose-Einstein condensation phenomenon, which takes place in cold dilute Bose gases. Accordingly, the main emphasis of the course will be on the justification of the mean-field approximation for the ground state of large bosonic systems. We shall discuss topics such as the concentration-compactness principle, localization methods in Fock space, the structure of bosonic density matrices, the Hartree and Gross-Pitaevskii functionals.

This will more or less correspond to (an English version of) his cours Peccot at the College de France earlier this year. A French version of his notes can be found here.

Everybody is welcome. Students who need a 'Schein' will be able to acquire one, doing some homework (to be arranged).

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