8 October 2014

Visualization techniques are invaluable for understanding and communicating abstract concepts and ideas, to think about problems and to create innovative solutions. The DROPS (Discrete Representation of Operators for Spin systems) approach provides a solution for the longstanding problem how to visualize the state and dynamics of coupled spins in an intuitive way. This approach has been implemented in the free “Spin Drops” app that allows users to interactively explore and to control the rich dynamics of up to three coupled spins 1/2. However, the general DROPS approach is neither limited to spins 1/2 (qubits) not to three spins. Potential applications range from nuclear and electron magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging to quantum information processing. References:

S. J. Glaser and N. J. Glaser, Spin Drops [ Mobile application software] (2014).

A. Garon, R. Zeier and S. J. Glaser, Visualizing Operators of Coupled Spin Systems, arXiv:quant-ph/1409.5417 (2014).

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